2013 Master Painters Award of Excellence WINNER

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2013 Master Painters Award of Excellence WINNER

Heritage Homes are quite often the most challenging residential painting projects, especially if they have heritage listing. There are many things to consider, first and foremost is the colour scheme. Many councils require heritage homes whether they be State Heritage listed, or Local Heritage listed to have a colour palette in keeping with what would have been used in the era it was built. Selection of a colour scheme that has a palette of colour’s that ages well and is “timeless” is, and should be, the aim of any initial brief for a Heritage home project.

Once the initial colour scheme has been selected the next most important thing to consider is proper preparation. Without proper preparation a home will not only lose its paint more quickly, the ongoing maintenance and repairs costs also skyrocket if a painting project is shoddily prepared. Jonathan Luby Painting Contractors pride themselves in not only getting the colours right, but also, just as importantly the preparation.

In 2013 we were proud winners of the Master Painters Award for Excellence for this beautiful home in LeFevre Terrace North Adelaide. This home is a stunning example of what can happen when good preparation, high quality paint, and a well chosen colour scheme come together.